What vaccinations will my pet receive on a yearly basis?

Annual vaccinations for your pet will depend on their age and life style.

Annual vaccinations for your dog will include a 1yr/3yr Rabies, a 1yr/3yr Distemper, Influenza and a Bordetella every 6 months. We also recommend checking a stool sample every 6 months and a yearly heartworm test.

Annual vaccinations for your cat will include a 1 yr/3 yr Rabies, a 1 yr/3 yr Distemper, a 1yr/2yr Leukemia and a Bordetella every 6 months. We recommend checking a stool sample and deworming every 6 months.

When should I spay or neuter my pet?

We recommend having your pet the surgery performed at 6 months of age.

Does your office take walk-ins?

For your convenience it is best to schedule an appointment with the doctor to reduce wait time and stress on your pet. However; walk-ins will be seen in between appointments as time allows. Emergencies will be evaluated on arrival and seen accordingly.

What is your payment policy?

Payment in full is due when services are rendered. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Care Credit, personal checks and cash.

Is pre-surgical blood work optional for my pet?

Pre-surgical testing is NOT optional for your pet. We want to assess your pet’s heart and organ functions to reduce the risk of anesthesia.